Beth’s Heretic Page

                                               Welcome to Beth’s Heretic Page

      In my blog I would like to answer any questions and enter into conversations about my book Cain Heretic Son. The book deals with Cain’s battle between good and evil and his fight for redemption. We all fight temptation. When a battle is won a new one begins. It has been the way since Eve took her fateful bite of the apple. I plan for Cain to have a series of books, each with a new battle to fight. Here you will find samples from the book, any upcoming sales and giveaways. I will also be giving tempting sneak peeks from the next book Cain Heretic Blood. Please feel free to leave me any input, ask any questions, challenge any theories. I will try to update weekly. Thanks, Beth.

Published by hereticwriter1

Beth Hildenbrand Author of Cain Heretic Son. Beth lives in Ephrata PA with her husband Matt and their sons. She enjoys vintage black and white horror films, hard rock/heavy metal and the Philadelphia 76ers.

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